Welcome to Wizz a
Chat & Storage Platform

Video Chat, Data Storage & Fast Cross Border Transfers. Encryption on a Decentralized Blockchain.

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Encrypted Chat

All of your conversations are private and end-to-end encrypted. Wizz encrypted codes are unique to each chat message user and proof can be seen on WILO Blockchain. You decide to share your identity or not.

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Decentralized Exchange

A highly-scalable DEX network of peer-to-peer token exchange built around a foundation of speed, transparency and control.

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Encrypted Data Storage

Your important information, where and when you need it. Encrypt and store your images, video and document scans like passports or contracts in Wizz to access them anywhere..

The best blockchain dapp network
ever created for

Using Wizz Network radically improve the efficiency of a Secure Wallet, Decentralize Exchange, Encrypted Storage, Encrypted Messaging, and full suite of merchant services to allow businesses to accept crypto currency on your own website, and mobile app from anyone in the crypto global economy. It all happens on the WILO Blockchain.

Secured Encryption

Lightening Fast

500+ Tokens Assets

Free Transactions


We have lots of experience
building on WILO..

We are currently a WILO active node validator.

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Wizz Network 1.0 (2018)

Wizz Network Wallet was created to allow Wilo Network & PayString IDs to transfer many currencies.

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Wizz Network 2.0 (2019)

Wizz Transformed into one of the best decentralized dapps in the entire crypto space. Mass adoption is our goal for 2020.


Wizz users, our biggest fans.

We dont' like to brag, but we don't mind letting our users speak highly about us. Here are a few nice things folks have said about Wizz Network.

“Wizz Wallet is super fast and free to send global payments. My cousin recieved his funds in less than a few seconds. Will use again!.”

Jen Peterson

“Encryption and privacy is what I need. Companies can no longer send me annoying ads based on my chat or storage history. Well done Wizz..”

Russ Suzza

Stay focused on your business.
Let us handle your global payments.

You have a business to run. Stop worring about chargebacks, slow payment transfers, and high transaction fees. Let us handle your merchant account. (Coming soon Q3 2020)








Wizz ecosystem is growing fast and increasingly connected with users, businesses, traditional investors, regulators and mainstream media.


TOTAL SUPPLY : 15,000,000,000

CIRCULATING : 10,797,935,075

HOLDERS : 35,023

Contract : wizznetwork1

Exchange Symbol : (WIZZ)

Get Wizz Token

How to use Wizz token?

Wizz Utility Token is used many ways in our ecosystem. Pay for goods and services, DEX fees, Storage upgraded plan fees, chat transfers, and so on.


Do I need account to use Wizz Network?

Yes. You must sign in with a Social Media Account (fb, twitter, google, Email or Wilo Public Key & Private Key to use Wizz Network.


How long does it take to send funds?

Token Transfers take less than 3 seconds. Thanks to the Wilo Blockchain.


Is chat messenger really encrypted?

Yes. Wizz chat is 100% secure and private. All Chat messages peer to peer and channel chat are encrytped.

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