Block Producer Standby

contract : wizznetwork1 | bp.json

Who we are

We are an EOS BP on standby sharing our expertise in high-load server solutions with the EOS community. We have been actively involved in running and testing the EOS mainnet. Further, we have built various dapp tools necessary for the ecosystem to flourish. Our objective is to become a hub for individuals, companies, entrepreneurs, and developers who want to build infrastructure and decentralized applications on top of EOSIO. Due to our deep tech background and connections, we would like to leverage WIZZ Network to help build value-add products for the EOSIO Blockchain.

Transperancy & Requirements

We truly believe that the future of community self-governance will stem from a transparent blockchain such as EOSIO. As such, we plan on setting the example by giving periodic public updates of any corporate changes, development milestones, and any other progress within WIZZ NETWORK. We fully understand our role as a custodian of the network and we pledge to be 100% transperant.

Creating blocks

Having backup servers

Complying with the constitution

Freezing accounts of misbehaving contracts

Account recovery & creation

Daily Rewards. How will it be used?

Allocate 50% of the daily rewards to dapps, community projects development, and meetups.

Allocate 20% of the daily rewards to expanding and upgrading the API, Peer, Seed and Mongo DB Nodes infrastructure for the long haul.

Allocate 30% of the daily rewards to all EOS Voters and Proxies that Voted for wizznetwork1 as there BP. Reward Transfer Start Date : 9.22.2019 - 30% calculation

Need help?

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Why Vote for WIZZ Network?

We believe our proven experience will inspire confidence in EOS stakeholders, DApp developers and EOS based blockchain businesses for the operation and governance of the EOS.IO blockchain, while supporting everyone as a global member of the EOS community. VOTE FOR WIZZ NOW

Why Give WIZZ Proxy Control?

Setting WIZZ as your proxy means you give us the authority to vote on your behalf. We continue to spend quality time researching and selecting the best EOS Block Producers (BPs) for the proxy votes we have, based on the strengths across the following categories: technical ability, response times, geographic diversity, and community participation. We update our list monthly, unless there is another reason that arises to update it more frequently. Save time now, and make us your proxy. WIZZ PROXY NOW